Out West General Store

Old fashioned service in the true western spirit.

Out West General Store is so much more than just a business. We’ve grown to meet the unique needs of the local community in Waddell, Arizona. Whether it’s a bale of hay, a scoop or two of Thrifty ice cream, a gallon of milk, or a saddle to go riding down the trail, Out West General Store is a place you’ll want to visit again and again. Out West is a complete general store with groceries, beer and wine, delicious sub deli sandwiches, and a full range of feed, tack and farrier supplies. We also offer a convenient copier and fax service as well as notary public. We are the local one-stop shop. Stop by for a visit and take a step back in time.


William “Bill” Chester, owner of Out West General Store, is a second generation native of Phoenix. His family photo album included pictures of his great grandmother’s store, and those images shaped Bill’s dream of one day owning a true, old fashioned general store. The vision started becoming reality while Bill worked as a mechanic for his father. He soon bought 2 acres of land and began building his dream. Relying on help from friends, neighbors, and local tradesmen Bill added his own sweat equity to ultimately build what has become a true Waddell landmark. For over 10 years Out West General Store has fulfilled the needs of the local community by providing feed and tack, and since 2005, offered a convenient mart and deli. As the community grows, so do those needs. Out West General Store has consistently grown to keep pace with those needs. Drop by frequently…you never know what has been added each time you visit.